Concordia Lutheran Seminary

President & Governance

President's Message

James Gimbel

At Concordia Lutheran Seminary, Edmonton, Alberta, we take seriously our mission of forming servants for Jesus' sake. As one of two seminaries in Lutheran Church-Canada, we train a majority of the pastors who serve their first call in LCC.
The church sends its most gifted and talented prospects to study at the seminary through specialized academic and experiential curriculum, so that we may send them back to serve in the Church.
Because our enrollment is similar in size to the leader core of the Twelve Tribes, or the Twelve Disciples trained and mentored by Jesus, we provide a distinct model of pastoral formation that, we believe, will impact church and nation for years to come.
We are deeply thankful for that partnership and rhythm with have with each of you.
In many ways we are like most other schools. We have classrooms, a library, faculty, syllabi, and homework (reading, papers, quizzes & exams). Students are matched with local parish pastors, great partners who mentor them in Field Education and Vicarage.
Through this web site I hope you can capture a glimpse of what happens here. Photos and the text tell a story, but to really experience what we are about, join us for chapel some day at 10:45 a.m. (M W F in our seminary chapel; T and Th in the Tegler Centre of Concordia University of Edmonton).
Thank you for your prayer and financial partnership with us. Through God's gracious providence and the gifts that you generously give, we continue to fulfill our charge. This year's theme is Jesus' words, "take My yoke upon you and learn from Me" (Matthew 11:29). The men studying here are prepared to embrace the "yoke" of pastoral ministry and serve in the Word and Sacrament ministry of Christ's Church.
Navigate your way around this web page to read / see more about our completed fire recovery and renovation, the District staff who have moved into some open offices in our building, and the arrival of our newest faculty member (Rev. Dr. John P. Hellwege) as Assistant Professor of Theology (systematic).
My colleagues and I serve Christ and His Church in partnership with you. Thank you for that partnership.
See this link if you would like to provide additional financial support to our mission.

God bless,

Rev. Dr. James Gimbel, President