Concordia Lutheran Seminary


Jonathan W. Kraemer, B.A., M.Div., S.T.M.
(Old Testament Exegetical Theology)

Jonothan Kraemer

Concordia College, Edmonton AB (B.A. 1992); Concordia Lutheran Seminary, Edmonton AB (M.Div. 1998); Concordia Seminary, St. Louis MO (Ph.D. candidate 2003-2009); Pastor, Peace/Trinity, Trail/Fruitvale BC (1998-2003); Vacancy Pastor, Our Redeemer, St. Louis MO (2004-2006); Teaching Assistant, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis MO (2005); Visiting Instructor, Concordia Lutheran Seminary, Edmonton AB (2006), Assistant Professor of Exegetical Theology (2006 – present).

Administrative service at Concordia Lutheran Seminary:

Director of Field Education and Vicarage (2007 – 2011), Director of Missionary Study Centre (2007 –2009), Dean of Student Life (2011 - present), Director of Financial Aid (2012 - present)

Courses taught:

E-100 Biblical Hermeneutics; EO-108 Old Testament Isagogics II; EO-531 Psalms; P-100 Introduction to Pastoral Ministry; EXE 100 Introduction to the Study of Scripture; EXE 210 The Pentateuch; EXE 220 The Prophets; EXE 230 The Writings; PRX 100 Ministering in Context; PRX 101 Pastor: Person and Work; PRX 121 Preaching 1; PRX 210 Worship 2; Lectionary Seminar

Research Interests:

Psalms Studies
Biblical Archaeology
Biblical Theology
Worship and Hymnody
Distance Education

Personal Interests:

Camping, Biking, Hiking