Concordia Lutheran Seminary


Norman J. Threinen, B.A., M.Div., S.T.M., Th.D., emeritus,
(Historical Theology)

Concordia Seminary, St. Louis MO (B.A. 1958, M.Div. 1961, S.T.M. 1962, Th.D. 1980). Pastor, St. Peter, Edmonton AB (1962-71); Executive Secretary: Division of Theology, Lutheran Council in Canada (1971-84); Joint Commission on Inter-Lutheran Relationships (1971-78); Lutheran Merger Commission (1978-84); guest professor of Historical Theology, Lutheran Theological Seminary, Saskatoon SK (1980, 1982); Associate Professor of Historical Theology, Concordia Lutheran Seminary, Edmonton AB (1984-93); Professor (1993-2002); Interim President (2012-2013); guest professor, Odessa, Ukraine (1995); Rector, Concordia Lutheran Seminary, Odessa, Ukraine (1998-present); Emeritus since 2002.

Academic Service at Concordia Lutheran Seminary

Dean of Student Life, Concordia Lutheran Seminary, Edmonton AB (1984-93); Acting Director (2001-02) and Director (2002-07) of Missionary Study Centre; Acting President (2003-04), Interim President (2012-2013).

Courses Taught

E-100 Biblical Hermeneutics; EN-107 New Testament Isagogics; EN-512 Luke; EN-532 1 Peter; H/S-565 Awakenings and Confessional Renewal in 19th Century Germany; H-130 Lutheran Reformation; H-231 Early Christianity; H-280 Lutheran Church in Canada.



A History of Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church, Landestreu, Saskatchewan (1970)

In Search of Identity.  A Look at Lutheran Identity in Canada. (1977)

Toward Union.  Lutheran Merger Negotiations in Canada, 1972-1978. (1979)

A Sower Went Out.  A History of the Manitoba and Saskatchewan District of Lutheran Church—Canada (Missouri Synod).  (1982)

Fifty Years of Lutheran Convergence: The Canadian Case Study. (1983)

Like a Mustard Seed.  A Centennial History of the Ontario District of Lutheran Church—Canada (Missouri Synod). (1989)

Like a Leaven.  A History of the Alberta-British Columbia District of Lutheran Church—Canada. (1994)

A Sower Went Out.  Supplement. A History of the Central District of Lutheran Church—Canada.  (1997)

Luther’s Rose.  Translation of Rosen im Schnee, Katharina Luther, geboren von Bora. (2003)

Built on the Rock.  A Centennial Sketch of St. Peter’s Historic Lutheran Church, Edmonton, Alberta.  1904—2004. (2004)

A Religious-Cultural Mosaic.  A Story of Lutherans in Canada.  (2006)

They Called Him Red.  The Life and Times of Albert Schwermann. (2008)

Professional Journals

“The Stuermer Union Movement in Canada” Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly (1973): 148-157.

“Early Lutheranism in Western Canada” Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly (1974): 110-117.

“Lutheran Immigration Board of Canada” Minutes and Reports of the 13th Archivists and Historians’ Conference (1975): 72-84.

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“Friedrich Michael Ziegenhagen (1694-1776): German Lutheran Pietist in the English Court” Lutheran Theological Review (1999-2000): 56-94.