Concordia Lutheran Seminary


Quest is a continuing education program presented by CLS. Each series offers lifelong learning classes especially for lay people. The topics address every follower who needs to better understand his or her personal faith and religion. Seminary faculty and guest speakers present a short series of classes on subjects relevant to the day-to-day faith living of contemporary Christians. The classes are designed to be informative and enlivening, comprehensible and relevant, compact and budget-priced. Evening non-credit classes are scheduled in the Fall and the Winter. Quest courses may also be made available online.

Cost: No registration fee - donations welcome.

To register for the free classes contact Kathy Budgell at or 780-474-1468, ext. 225

Upcoming Quest Course:

Fall 2019

Previous Quest Courses:

Some Previous Quest courses can be found on our YouTube Channel.

  • Srping 2019: Heroes & Heretics in the Early Church, Prof. Alex Marque
  • Fall 2018 : Ministry Beyond. Dr. Jennifer Frim, Rev. Mark Dressler, Michael Gillingham
  • Winter 2018 : From Luther's Reform to the Reformation, 1521-1530 , Dr. John Maxfield
  • Fall 2017: Marin Luther's Road to Reformation, 1483-1521, Dr. John Maxfield
  • Winter 2017: Narnia for Adults: Introduction to the Chronicles of Narnia, Dr. Joel Heck
  • Fall 2016: HIS-story: God and His People in the Old Testament, Dr. Chambers, Dr. Vern Raaflaub, Rev. Jonathan Kraemer, Rev. Darren Dressler, and Dr. Gimbel
  • Winter 2016: Nazism and Religion, Dr. John Hellwege Jr.
  • Fall 2015: Religion and Pop Culture, Dr. Bill Anderson
  • Winter 2015: Defending the Faith, Dr. Jonathan Strand
  • Fall 2014: Our Legacy of Faith: Relationships with God, Dr. Jim Gimbel
  • Winter 2014:A Man for our Times: Bach's Music and Theology for a New Millennium, Rev. Lorne Manweiler
  • Fall 2013: Christianity and the Movies: A Lutheran Approach to Media Consumption, Rev. Ted Giese
  • Fall 2012: Back to the Future: Missionaries of the Past and their Relevance for Canada's Mission Challenges, Dr. Glenn Schaeffer
  • Winter 2012: Where does the Bible we use today come from?, Prof. Jonathan Kraemer
  • Fall 2011: “The Stones Cry Out”: Jesus and Archaeology,
    Dr. Stephen Chambers
  • Winter 2011: What Does it Mean to be Lutheran?,
    Rev. Lorne Manweiler
  • Fall 2010: World Religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, Dr. Edward Kettner