Concordia Lutheran Seminary


The seminary’s approach to worship is well-stated in the introduction to its standard hymnal: “Our Lord serves us today through His holy Word and Sacraments. Through these means, He comes among us to deliver His forgiveness and salvation, freeing us from our sins and strengthening us for service to one another and to the world…. The Lord’s service calls forth our service—in sacrifices of praise and thanksgiving to Him and in loving service to one another.” (Lutheran Service Book, viii)

In particular, the objectives of the seminary’s chapel program are as follows:

  • To provide opportunity for members of the seminary family to be strengthened in their faith toward God and their fellowship with one another through receiving the Word and the Lord’s Supper;
  • To provide opportunity for the seminary family to experience the richness of worship within the Lutheran tradition;
  • To provide students with opportunity to lead worship in a nurturing environment where constructive feedback can be given;
  • To help students gain appreciation for the proper care which should be maintained of the worship area;
  • To help students grow in their understanding of musical aspects of Lutheran worship;
  • To provide faculty with opportunity to serve a mentoring function by regularly leading chapel;
  • To provide opportunity for Edmonton-area pastors to show support for the seminary through their participation as leaders of chapel services.

Chapel services are normally held Monday through Friday, while classes are in session.

Chapel services are held in the CLS chapel from 10:10 am to 10:40 am.

Special worship services

As part of its service to the Church, the seminary hosts an annual cycle of special worship services to which members of the wider Lutheran community are invited. These include:

  • the Opening Service (early in September)
  • the Sacred Convocation (late in May).

Students are expected to take part, students’ families are encouraged to attend, and guests from beyond the seminary community are warmly welcome.


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