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Every year, 55% of the CLS operating budget comes from your donations. In an effort to make it easier for our donors to make small recurring gifts, we have launched the give25 campaign.

I’m so grateful to be a new partner to Concordia Lutheran Seminary in its “Give 25” effort.  The Lord has brought so much blessing to our church through this treasured place, and I hope many of you will get involved – as I have – in this very manageable, ongoing way!

Robert Bugbee, President

Lutheran Church-Canada

give25Through the give25 campaign, we are seeking $25 per month from 1000 donors. We're looking for 10 donors from each of 100 LCC congregations to commit.

In addition to the give25 campaign, donations can be made to CLS in other ways:

  • Direct cash donations
  • Endowment growth
  • Bequests
  • Planned Giving
  • Adopt-A-Student
  • Donate A Car (
  • Guild Memberships
  • Pre-Authorized Debit regular donations
  • Canada Helps online donations (3.5% Fee; tax receipt issued immediately)

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Support the seminary with your Amazon shopping

If you shop at Amazon, you can put your shopping to work for Concordia Lutheran Seminary as well. Anything you buy at Amazon can be credited to us if you enter Amazon through our seminary link. This applies to books, electronics, housewares, anything they sell. The price doesn’t go up; it costs you nothing more. But Amazon pays a portion of the proceeds to the seminary just for the referral. Simply go to the seminary's homepage and enter Amazon by clicking on the appropriate link on the right.


Kathy Budgell
Administrative Assistant to the President
phone: (780) 474-1468 ext. 225
fax: (780) 479-3067