Concordia Lutheran Seminary

Seminary Pantryseminary pantry

CLS provides support to its students by the stocking fridges, and freezers, and kitchens for the students. When available, cash cards for a variety of grocery stores are given to students so that they can directly purchase food and other personal care items. Money and supplies, raised by the CLS Guild through your memberships and gifts, keep the shelves filled with food, necessary utensils, and appliances. Donations of money or gifts-in-kind are always welcome. Some donors give sides of beef, pork, and eggs. In the fall, sacks of fresh vegetables – potatoes, carrots, squash, onions, beets, etc. are generously given, and gratefully received.

A list of other groceries that students can use is sent out to Guild Representatives each year, and many congregations, ladies groups, and other groups collect and send in these needed items.