Concordia Lutheran Seminary

Seminaries Sunday

LCC’s seminaries are crucial for the continued provision of trained and qualified leadership in the parishes across the country. For this reason congregations are encouraged to designate a Sunday in September to hear about the work of the seminaries, be reminded about the importance of the seminaries and to pray for their students, faculties, and staffs.

Since the synod approved the Memorandum of Understanding in 2011, Canada’s two LCC seminaries are working together in many ways.  A bulletin insert has been produced that LCC congregations can download and print.

CLS and CLTS are graduate schools of Lutheran Church–Canada. Students take over 30 master’s-level courses; are assessed for suitability for ministry; involve themselves actively in the life of a field congregation for two years; serve as vicars in a 12-month internship; and are then assigned their first call.

This graduate-level education carries no small price tag: tuition for the four years (including vicarage) costs over $24,000; in addition there is the cost of books; plus room and board off campus. Students pay their own way, albeit with financial help, usually from family, home congregation, district, church auxiliaries, and donors to the seminaries. Students typically give up full-time work and income, borrow money, budget rigorously, and live austerely.

But the seminaries’ pursuits are more necessary now than ever: more than 50 of the 320-or-so LCC churches have pastoral vacancies — many more pastors are eligible to retire.

If there’s a shortage of pastors, the seminaries are the solution: your seminaries forge pastors, well-schooled in ministry, well-grounded in the faith. You can’t have a pastor without a seminary!