Concordia Lutheran Seminary

Student Loans

At CLS we discourage students from relying on student loans from provincial or federal programs if at all possible. Instead, we hope to provide for students through internal financial aid drawn from endowed funds, our robust Adopt-a-Student program, and other sources. However, there are times and situations where applying for a government supported loan might be necessary. CLS is recognized as a designated institution through the Alberta Institution Divinity Program Designation Contract, and full-time students in the Master of Divinity program are eligible to apply for provincial and federal student loans.

For detailed student loan information and the online application:

If you use a student loan while you are a student at CLS, or if you have previous loans incurred during your undergraduate degree, you should register for online accounts with both the provincial Student Aid Alberta Service Centre and the federal National Student Loans Service Centre.

As you near the end of your program, we encourage you to speak with the Registrar or the Director of Financial Aid about your student loan repayment options.

Director of Financial Aid

phone: (780) 474-1468
fax: (780) 479-3067