Concordia Lutheran Seminary

Courses offered during the 2016-2017 Academic Year:

Short Term 1 (September 6-16)

PRX 100   Ministering in Context, Dr. Gimbel

PRX 250   Spirituality, Dr. Richard Beinert

Semester 1 (September 19 – December 21*)

BL-092       New Testament Greek 1, Dr. Chambers (taught online)*

EXE 100     Introduction to the Study of Scripture, Dr. Chambers

EXE 260     Paul and his Writings, Dr. Chambers

PRX 101     Pastor: Person & Work, TBD

PRX 110     Worship 1, Rev. James Fritsche

PRX 160/260/460 Lectionary Seminar, Dr. Hellwege

PRX 210     Worship 2, Dr. Gimbel

PRX 220     Preaching 2, Rev. Rod Buck            

SYS 100     Theological Method, Dr. Hellwege

SYS 220     Christ and Salvation, Dr. Hellwege

*start and end dates may differ slightly for online classes

Short Term 2 (January 4 - 17)

PRX 120     Communicating the Gospel, Dr. Chambers

SYS 200     The Lutheran Confessions, Dr. Hellwege

Semester 2 (January 19 – May 3*)

BL-093       New Testament Greek 2, Dr. Chambers (taught online)*

EXE 210    The Pentateuch, Dr. Joel Heck (taught in person, and online)*

EXE 230    The Writings, Dr. Joel Heck

PRX 121    Preaching 1, Dr. Chambers

PRX 161/261/461 Lectionary Seminar, Dr. Gimbel

SYS 110     God, Creation, & Anthropology, Dr. Hellwege

SYS 231    The Life, Times, and Theology of C.S. Lewis, Dr. Joel Heck

SYS 430     Faith, Life, and Ethics, Dr. Hellwege

*start and end dates may differ slightly for online classes

Summer Term 1 (May 8 – 19)

HIS 110     Apostolic Fathers through the 7th Ecumenical Council, Dr. Richard Beinert