Concordia Lutheran Seminary

Students' Research

Until 2012, the Master of Divinity and Master of Theological Studies curriculum required students to undertake a Research Project in the final year of their program. The following is a list of completed projects.

Schneider, Timothy Carl Everyone a Priest: An Evaluation of Oscar Feucht's Guide to Churchmanship
Parker, Rodney Craig Preaching Trends in the Early 21st Century

Dressler, Darren Michael The Sabbath: Holy Day as Holiday and Nothing about Going to Church
Reddemann, Lorne A. A Survey on Marriage: God's Design and Man's Failure
Wemyss, Ian Business Leadership and the Christian Leader

Dul, Jeffery B. Paul's Expectation of the Christian Church in Regards to her Mission, Based on Philippians 2:12-16
Barr, Daniel W. The Authority of Scripture in the Development of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
Yeong, Ling Pui Adiaphora: Freedom in the Gospel

Lyons, Scott Pastor and People in the Lutheran Church of Australia
Magnus, Clinton W. Lutheran Spirituality: Inner Transformation through External Means

Boehm, Curtis Mark The Practice of Spiritual Retreat
Keith, Murray Roy Defending the Truth to a Relativistic Culture

Avery, James   Short-term missions in Lutheran Church-Canada
Platz, Kevin S.  A Lutheran response to conditionalism and annihilationism
Waring, Jamie Christopher Catechesis towards personal outreach evangelism: a model for the Missio Dei

Chaing, Mark C. C. A study of the purpose of parables in Jesus' teaching
Chimirri-Russell, James Lutheran's rock!: a reading of Matthew 16:18
Giese, Theodore Allan Hearing with your eyes: perception theory and Lutheran worship practices
Klaszus, Barbara Laila The ministry of the priesthoood of all believers

Hennig, Don L. Jesus' Resurrection: Fact or Fantasy
Holdner, Jay M. The failure of Darwinism and the vindication of grace
Kim, Sanghun Small Group Ministry in Lutheran Context
Schultz, Jason R. Abiding in Christ: a sacramental reading of John 6:56 and the mystical theology of Paul and John

Craig, Andrew James Popular theology and human need
Haberstock, David Paul The prophetic charismata
Just, Mark L. H. Intercessory prayer in view of I Timothy 2:1-2
Kuhn, Michael J. Teaching Christian marriage in a Muslim cultural setting
Manweiler, Lorne A. The Causa Efficiens of Christian identity in worship
Vosper, James Sheldon Anthony An ethnographic approach to Lutheran identity

Anderson, Gerald Bruce Reawakening the practice of confession and absolution
Hennig, Mark D. Evangelism: discovering the small church's uniqueness
Paulgaard, James Robert Christian wellness for Lutheran Church-Canada pastors
Quast, Jacob Angels among us: a biblical response to popular western conceptions concerning angelology
Singh, Roger Christ is the end of all Dharma and culture
Wood, James H. Galatians 3:28 breaks through

Grout, Robert J. Luther's catechism: presentation of Law and Gospel
Heintz, Garry V. A Lutheran response to an evangelical understanding of blessing
Timm, Jennifer Christine A comparative study of Kohutian self psychology and confessional Lutheran theology regarding the relational nature of humanity
Ziprick, Matt The gospel for a postmodern culture

Dressler, Mark J. An evil spirit from the Lord: an exegetical examination of I Samuel 16:15
Esperanza, Vic Jesus and the sign of Jonah
Gust, Arron Joshua's clothing: the descriptive model of restoration in Zechariah three
Keith, Michael L. Psalm 110: Davidic Messianic prophecy
Morris, Victor E. The pastor's role in equipping buster families
Threinen, Muriel M. Toward successful youth ministry: a historical journey to a proposed model for youth work in Lutheran Church-Canada

Adams, Quentin The healing of memories and Lutheran pastoral counselling
Giese, Theodore Allan Luther's understanding of ecclesiastical art and its proper function in the church
Leicht, Kevin A. Peace enforcement: a study of peacemaking using military force in international conflict resolution
Loveridge, Lee The pastor's role in fostering biblical literacy
Seibert, Edwin R. The rite of receiving members in Lutheran Worship Agenda
Smith, Noel J. Visible prayer: anointing the sick
Stern, Neil D. Lutheran marriage encounter and law and gospel
Van Maanen, Sye Christian mysticism and divine revelation
Williams, Richard J. A historical study of Lutheran Church-Canada's rural church: a ministry in transition

Denniger, Clair P. The kerygmatic use of Leviathan in Isaiah 27:1
Falkenholt, Brian Models of leadership in Exodus 18:13-27 and Numbers 11:16-30
Jackson, Anita J. Children and world missions vacation Bible school curriculum
Mensch, Richard A. Article VII of the Augsburg Confession and Canadian Inter-Lutheran Dialogue
Nilsson, Jeff The consolation of terrified consciences: the place of the third function of the law in the church's proclamation to terrified sinners

Kraemer, Jonathan William Psalm 1 and 2 as a Messianic introduction to the Psalter
Maher, Kenneth M. S. Pentecost preaching in an Easter church
Marshall, Robert A. The Good Samaritian Society: a model for social ministry to the elderly

Julien, Bradley D. The charasmatic Lutheran view of baptism and confessional Lutheranism

Beinert, Richard Alfred The teachings of the mystical union in the writings of Martin Luther, the Lutheran Confessions, and Martin Chemnitz
Buck, Rodney F. Toward a Lutheran theology of exorcism
Clasper, Shelaine Lee Toward a confessional understanding of vocation for teens
Drewin, Ferdinand Welcoming Chinese into LCC churches: cross-cultural evangelism to Chinese Canadians
Edel, Kenneth G. Adiaphora: a matter of Christian liberty
Klein, Kevin E. The adoration of Christ in the sacrament of the altar
Labron, Timothy Allan Zen: which way to dialogue?
Lutz, Gregory Robert A historical study of mission strategies of the Alberta-British Columbia District
Mielke, Edmund The meaning of the day of Yahweh in Joel 3:1-5
Snooks, Thomas William An evaluation of various sexual harrassment policies of Lutheran Church-Canada and the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod

Eifert, Kenneth W. The church growth movement in the Lutheran church: an analysis according to a confessional theology of the sacrament of the Lord's Supper

Bjornstad, Kristian G. Lutherans and Oblates of Mary Immaculate in mission to native people of Western Canada:1963-1993
Coltman, R. Fraser Law and gospel according to Jesus: an analysis of the teaching of John MacArthur, Jr.
Corson, Bruce P. Creation in Isaiah 40-55: implications for today
Dreger, Benno E. An examination of vision in church leadership: a paradigm based on Nehemiah
Grande, Steven The message of Daniel 7:9-14 in its historical context
Heide, Randy Conversion in Alcoholic's Anonymous: step three of William G. Wilson's twelve step spiritual program of recovery
Pastucha, Jan A. Toward parental involvement in confirmation
Sander, Mark Perseverance in faith: Christian ontology in Martin Luther's doctrine of sanctification
Schindel, Bryan "The Son of Man" in the similitudes of Enoch
Tu, Peter K. T. Strategic suggestions for the development of a Chinese Lutheran Church in Canada
Wasylowich, Nicholas Richard The deaf culture and the church's communication of the gospel

Abraham, Dan Spiritual gifts: an evaluation of the various explanations of their nature
Bronsch, Martin R. Training the whole person for ministry
Dittmer, Reinhard The sojourner in Acient Israel
Hwang, Bokman The teaching of the Lutheran confessions on the relationship between faith and good works, and some implications for Lutheran Church-Canada
Muchow, Jeffery Alan Toward a strategy for brining the gospel to the Canadian undergraduate
Nikolaj, Linda Child development and religious instruction: are we meeting the needs and abilities of children
Tech, Vance The consolatory nature of election

Austin, Gerald Toward an Old Testament apology Wesleyan hermeneutics: implications of a Hebraic ontology for the doctrine of Christian perfection
Bogda, Carl L. Spiritual warfare: a Lutheran perspective
Heinbuch, Jim Fundamentalism as critqued by Luther's theology of the cross
Heselton, Gordon A. G. Christian financial planning: a model for teaching stewardship
Keller, Kenneth L. Lay ministers: an alternative for staffing small congregations
Kim, Kwang Soo A Biblical model of ethnic mission for today: Korean Christianity in Canada
Lewis, R. Allen Pastoral care and the rightful celebrant
Siegle, Darren J. Worship's relation to evangelism

Berg, Charles Maxwell Jewish evangelism and church relations: Christianity is Jewish
Damkar, Eleanor Ione Traning leadership for small groups
Dressler, David D. The spiritual growth of children: the role of parents and the church
Dudiak, Alexander E. Effective harvesters in the Edmonton Area: a study on church growth
Rosnau, Bryan L. Dreams and interpretation

Amison, Brian Biblical images of the female: a study of Deborah in Judges 4-5
Haberstock, Keith T. Confirmation instruction: part of lifelong Christian education
Kihn, David A. The rock of Deuteronomy 32: base element or divine symbol
Kruesel, Thomas R. Pastoral counselling: a Lutheran critique of Jay E. Adams
Lobitz, Mark Christian self-love
Mohns, Robert E. New Testament perspectives for welfare ministry: a selective exegetical and historical review
Simonik, Stanley The role of Shechem in early Israelite history
Tietjen, John H. Memoirs in exile: confessional hope and institutional conflict
Wangerin, Timothy P. Confessing the Holy Spirit in the Church

Kahle, Andreas E. Limitations of confidentiality in pastoral ministry
Koenig, Jefery W. Simul iustus et peccator: a paradigm for understanding sanctification
Pagel, Peter Complacency in Lutheran Church-Canada
Reisdorf, Keith H. How can Concordia College maximize its recruitment potential of full-time church work professionals in light of its historical development
Ruf, Mark D. Function of petition in the Lutheran tradition of prayer
Syens, Ronald W. Role of individual spontaneous prayer in the corporate prayers of public worship
Tufts, Craig J. Divine mutability and human impenitence in I Samuel 15

Albert, Fred R. Ministry to the terminally ill: a Lutheran approach
Daubendiek, Carrol Lutheran mission approaches to native American people
Kubke, Ronald F. Revelation 20:3-6 and the millennial debate
Neimenen, John R. K. Atonement limited or universal

Stewart, Ward C. The poor Matthew: spiritual or more
Wood, Barry D. The origin and function of the sin offering

Krebs, Marvin D. Toward a Biblical view of anthropology: "spirit" and "soul" nature or function
Solie, Daryl M. The homogeneous unit principle and the unity of the church